About Park Partners

Our Mission:
To improve parks in Gloucester County.

What We Do:
Park Partners, Inc.is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to support Gloucester County Parks, Recreation and Tourism by raising funds, accepting gifts and providing other resources to enhance existing programs, services and facilities.  A group of dedicated and energetic citizens came together and formed Park Partners, Inc. in 1994.  This small group of people with the support of individuals, families, businesses and civic groups has successfully raised thousands of dollars and provided many new facilities and services.  Park Partners has used funds to develop parks, purchase park equipment, sponsor community activities and provide financial assistance to youth participating in recreational activities.

Who We Are:
Board of Directors
Don Parker – Chairperson
Jess Hendricks – Vice Chairperson
Deborah Butler – Board Member
Ron Saunders – Board Member
Lyle Varnell – Board Member
Chip Neikirk – Board Member
Bob Flynn – Board Member
Andy Smith – Board Member
Patti McGrath – Parks, Recreation and Tourism Liason