About Park Partners

Park Partners Board of DirectorsPark Partners Board of Directors, left to right; Ron Saunders, Calvin Rhea, Rachel Rhea, Bob Flynn, Don Parker, Kim Robins and Chris Clifford

A group of energetic and motivated citizens wanting to improve parks in Gloucester County formed Park Partners in 1994.   This small group of people with the support of individuals, families, businesses and civic groups has successfully raised thousands of dollars and provided many new facilities and services.  Park Partners solicits funds to develop parks, purchase park equipment, sponsor community activities and provide financial assistance to youth participating in recreational activities.

The list of accomplishments of Park Partners is long but a few highlights include:

  • Construction of Woodville Park
  • Construction of Brown Park
  • Purchase of playground equipment for Beaverdam Park
  • Purchase of beach cleaning equipment for Gloucester Point Beach
  • Improvements to the Whitcomb Lodge at Beaverdam Park

Let’s Park It Gloucester!

This is our call to everyone in Gloucester to get involved.  County funds are not available to improve parks and fees and charges for services aren’t enough.  If we want Gloucester to be greener and have great parks with things to do for people to do of all ages and abilities, WE have to make it happen.  Let’s “Park It” together.  “Park It” for you may mean a trail to walk on, a field to play on or it may mean open space and land preservation.  To someone else it may mean enjoying a garden or riding on a bike trail.  Parks are an integral part of our landscape and have positive impacts on the environment, wildlife and the people that use them – they even have positive impacts on the people that don’t use them.

Gloucester has seen many changes and more are to come.  If we “Park It” we can keep up with the growth and strike a balance in land use to ensure we keep the quality of life experiences we want.  Picture safe biking trails and greenways connecting parks and communities.  Imagine athletic fields, playgrounds and lakes.  Think about wetlands and forests protected and preserved.  There are so many ways Gloucester can Park it. Help us make it happen.

How can you help?

Volunteer – from planting flowers, to creating newsletters, to building picnic tables, to constructing a new park, we can use your help.  Take pride and make a difference by offering your time and talents. Call 804-693-2355 for more information.

Donate – Start by becoming a member but don’t stop there.  You can help with fundraising or you can make a contribution, or you can do both!  Park Partners is currently raising funds to help with the construction of Woodville and Brown Parks.  Funds will be used to construct trails, gardens, athletic fields, rest rooms and buildings at Woodville Park and a disc golf course, a dog park and more at Brown Park.  Park Partners can also accept donations for other parks and specific projects.  To become a member or make a donation, click here.  And don’t forget, contributions are tax deductible.

Be an Advocate – Help spread the word to others about Park Partners and the needs for funds to improve Gloucester’s parks. Tell a friend, a co-worker or neighbor about us.  Write an editorial, a blog posting or tweet about all the good things that Park Partners is doing.